Thursday, September 30, 2010

Prime Time Batch Analytics

I mentioned last week that I was helping out at the Emerson Exchange during the technology exhibits for DeltaV Batch. And while we had good traffic from customers (despite my tag as a booth babe), the two areas on either side of us were packed. To the left was the Syncade area where folks were 2 and 3 deep waiting to get a chance to see both the current offerings and soon to be released version 5.3.

To the right was the Advanced Control area, and specifically, the Batch Analytics tool. Emerson announced during Exchange that Batch Analytics will be part of the version 12 release of DeltaV. Coupled with its PAT implications, Batch Analytics promises to be a game changer in the batch process control world.

I’ve been following the development of the Batch Analytics tool for almost 4 years now. And while the discussions about its PCA, PLS, and Dynamic Time Warping components are better left to Terry Blevins, David Rehbein, and Chris Worek, I feel I’m qualified to talk about the Batch Analytics interface app for the iPad.

It is so cool! Paul Muston from Emerson in England did the development work and I nagged enough folks to get the first version installed on my iPod Touch, and then the enhanced iPad compatible app this past May (to be fair, I bought the iPad as a mother’s day present to my wife – she proceeded to get me diamond studded earrings for father’s day).

Below you’ll find some iPad screenshots of the fault detection, endpoint quality, and contribution screens. I’ve also posted a video on my YouTube channel showing the iPhone version running on my iPad.

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Robin Brooks said...

There is an example of the operator display from a much simpler method of modelling and controlling multi-phase batch processes that doesn't need the complications of PCA or advanced maths at