Sunday, November 29, 2009

SharePoint and the iPhone

Things have been really busy lately – trips to Austin, strategic project wins, and lots of proposals. But I still make time to cross-pollinate technology.

No, I’m not doing anything like on “Fringe” – I try to find different, cutting edge technologies and get them working together. So you know I’m already a huge SharePoint fan. And I’m constantly looking for cool apps for my iPod Touch. Now typically, SharePoint doesn’t work well outside of Internet Explorer. But I’ve found an app that joins these two – Attaché.

The blurb from the App Store said it worked with WSS 3.0, but I’ve found it also works with 2.0. Setup is easy, but don’t expect the results to look like your site – it’s more of a folder view of your libraries and lists.

What’s cool is it understands the nature of the data in your lists and provides the interoperability with other functions of the iPhone or Touch, like contacts and phone numbers. It also understands most file types and allows them to be opened.