Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hot Topic for Emerson Exchange?

I’ve been following a very interesting discussion thread out on LinkedIn. It’s in the Process Analytical Technology group and it’s entitled “Dangling a Carrot: Should PAT Be Mandated, or Incentivized?” The discussion was started by Paul Thomas, Senior Editor at Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, based on comments made back in May at the PAT and QbD Conference in Bethesda.

While I am infinitely under-qualified to comment, I’ve found the opinions on both sides to be quite passionate. And maybe that’ll be the catalyst to finally get some traction going within the Life Sciences community.

I think this could make a great discussion topic in the Life Sciences Industry Forum at the upcoming Emerson Global User Exchange in San Antonio. Gawayne Mahboubian-Jones (the man from Optimal) has been chiming in on the LinkedIn thread and is one of this year’s presenters at Exchange, so this could be a lively discussion.

And if you haven't gone out and looked at the Workshops and Short Courses being offered at this year's Exchange, you should.  I've already highlighted 30 sessions I want to attend, and with presenting one myself (how's that for another shameless plug?), I'm going to have to make some tough choices on how to spend my time.  And you'll also find me in the exhibit hall from 4 to 8 pm in the DeltaV Batch area - I'm a Booth Babe!

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Booth Babe?? Maybe a Booth Bud, but definitely not a Booth Babe.