Monday, June 28, 2010

Remote Terminal, V11, the ProPlus, and Server 2008

Back from vacation (they are never long enough) and I was checking out a new video from Emerson on Human Centered Design in version 11 of DetlaV starring Juan Carlos Bravo.  I wanted to look at one of the features he mentioned (friendly names for modules), so I fired up a remote terminal session to our V11 ProPlus and noticed we didn't have any terminal server sessions defined.

No big deal, I just went back to my .rdp icon on my PC, right clicked, then selected edit.  At the end of the IP address, I dropped in a /admin qualifier so I could take over the box.  Ran the modified .rdp and guess what?  The /admin doesn't work with Server 2008!

So this in an important to note - I know we have customers in our territory who use the /admin to gain remote access to their ProPlus instead of having a extra Pro license and TCAL's.  When migrating to V11, you're going to have to plan for an alternative.  Make sure that's part of your upgrade stratagy.

Here's a link to another blog going into detail about the change in Server 2008.  Thanks, Scott.

And I just had to share a snapshot from my vacation:

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