Monday, September 24, 2007

Massive ARRAY Storage In DeltaV

OK, I'll admit I'm old school, but I sure did like global registers back in my PROVOX days. And I've longed for them in DeltaV for a while. In fact, I did something about it.

While the ARRAY parameter type is OK in DeltaV, it really lacks the size offered by PROVOX global registers (rows x columns <= 255 and rows <= 127). So I’ve created something I call the Enhanced Array Parameter composite or EAP. With the EAP, you get 10,000 floating point addressable storage locations in a single, easy to interface linked composite you can drop into any DeltaV module.

Right now, it’s more of a flat file storage option (like the global registers), but I’m wanting to turn it into a 100 x 100 array – who knows, maybe I can even build in some matrix math.

The EAP is available now from REM Services as a licensable product – drop me a note if you’re interested. I’d also be interested in any opinions on matrices and matrix math in a DeltaV module – is it worth the effort or a waste of time?

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