Monday, September 17, 2007

PCA and DeltaV

Emerson just held their annual Global User Exchange in Dallas, TX. The event is getting bigger every year, which means, unfortunately, it’s getting harder to find the gems of take-away information.

One of the outstanding presentations was a joint workshop between Emerson and Lubrizol on their work with Principle Components Analysis (PCA) in batch processes entitled “Coupling Process Control Systems and Process Analytics to Improve Batch Operations”.

Robert Wojewodka of Lubrizol gave the best non-technical analogy of PCA I’ve ever seen. If you were in attendance, be sure and take a look at the PowerPoint supplied at the conference. If you didn’t make it, find someone who did and get a copy.

The results will be presented next year on trials they have planned for this winter in France, so stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

There is a video interview about this breakthrough project on the Web site @

Also, Terry Blevins and Bob Wojewodka co-authored an article about this project that is scheduled to appear in next months issue of Control magazine.