Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mobile PantWeb Hits the Road

Check out the pics below – this new tool to help demonstrate Emerson’s Plant Web functionality is being put through its paces at REM Services, Inc. The Plant Web Mobile Demo was constructed in St. Louis by FabCon and rides in a specially modified panel truck. The unit will be used to train Emerson and Emerson Local Business Partner personnel in the Southeast region of the US. A limited number of customer demonstrations and shows will be scheduled over the next few months so watch the highways and byways of the Carolinas to catch a glimpse of this beauty.

All devices are installed and configured to demonstrate Plant Web Alert functionality using a DeltaV Scalable Process System and AMS Intelligent Device manager.

Larry Wolfe of REM Services gave me a tour inside and out, along with a test drive – this thing is way cool.

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