Monday, February 1, 2010

Sync With Syncade 2.0

We’re putting the finishing touches on version 2.0 of our Sync With Syncade utility. We developed Sync about a year ago to allow DeltaV and other automation platforms with OPC servers to trigger Events on Equipment in Emerson’s Syncade ET module.

Of course one of the first things I heard when I presented Sync With Syncade at the 2009 Emerson Exchange was “can you reverse the process and have Syncade trigger DeltaV?” Well, now we can. In version 2.0, you can configure Sync to monitor Event states and write values into parameters via OPC when an Event changes state.

This could come in handy for a deployment of Syncade and ET without workflow. By using Sync, a tripped event on a piece of equipment in ET can cause a parameter in a DeltaV module to be set, thereby causing an SFC to start running.

Checkout a short demo video on my YouTube site –

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