Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Exchange 2008 Part II

One area we’ve struggled with over the last year is how to deal with remote operator stations. The two methods we’ve used have been remote terminal sessions using thin clients and KVM extenders. We did exhaustive testing in our shop trying to find the right combination of pieces and parts to allow KVM extenders to work with USB and PS/2 mice and keyboards. While we have something that works, it’s cobbled together.

At the Emerson Exchange, Dell unveiled a rack mounted operator station with a custom Ethernet KVM compression extender board and a remote decompression brick. And the solution is fully supported by Emerson!

The comment from the Dell representative commented they did a coast to coast test (PC on one coast, the extender brick on the other) and only had 80 ms of latency.

Look for availability later this month.

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