Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Archiving Misbehavinig Batches

Well, here's something I just learned - if you're having a hard time archiving some of your batches in your DeltaV Batch Historian, it could be because the deactive time and endtime are still in the year 2035. Here's how to fix them:

While logged on to the Batch Historian App Station:

  1. Start -> Run -> type: cmd
  2. At the MS-DOS prompt, go to C:\DeltaV\bin
  3. At the C:\DeltaV\bin> prompt, type: dvhadmin /fixbatch , where is the Batch ID in question
  4. You should get the following message: COMMANDS COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY!
  5. Open SQL Enterprise Manager, and check if the endtime and deactivate time of the batch have changed. NOTE: You may need to refresh SQL in order to update the values.
  6. Go to DeltaV Batch Historian Administration Interface, and you should now be able to archive the batch.

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